How to write a novel?

A few months ago, I attended a webinar hosted by author and blogger, Laure Giraud. I have of course taken notes that I give you in this article with others gleaned here and there during my research or my reading. This article also follows questions that some or some ask me via the blog, namely how to continue a story.

Let’s face it: writing a novel takes time and effort. A lot of time. A lot of efforts. I absolutely do not believe in the miracle recipes that abound on the Internet, such as “writing a novel in 30 days”.

It is not easy to write a novel. It also seems to me that it is a matter of personal recipe, temperament and organization specific to each and every one.

Some necessary thoughts

You don’t need to have studied literature to become a novelist. It is false and arch-false. For example, Jean-François Rufina is a doctor, diplomat, successful writer and member of the Academia Françoise. I could cite other telling examples.

A person can be very talented and not do anything with it. Another can write a lot of books that will sell well. The chemistry between the two is complex.

Writing does not fall from the sky. It is not an innate science. You are not born a writer! This can be learned through practice, life experiences too, life chances. Basically, you have to have something to tell and want to tell it to others.

Creativity can be learned and worked on. No talent is born. It’s a long process. How to create a Wikipedia profile creativity has nothing to do with studying. It is also a work to be done on oneself. You have to be able to remain in your solitude and your concentration as a writer, for long hours, regularly, if not every day.

When you start writing, your results may not be as high as you expect. You may be limited by the different techniques, by your imagination, by the situations, by the vision of your novel as a whole or by your willpower, or even by your motivation.

Writing should never become a source of stress or frustration. Overcoming the blank page is also possible. I wrote an article on this subject. If writing your novel is a priority for you, then go for it! Do not worry about others who will want to make you let go at all costs!

You need to complete your writing project. It is important to you! Too bad if those around you do not take you seriously. Don’t hide! Exist through what you love more than anything in the world: WRITE! But, also consider keeping a personal life. Writing should not become an obsession, but remain a pleasure!

Some necessary advice

Use the info of those who have written and published before. It can turn into a gold mine if you know how to use it. Find out how the novels you love work, including character psychology.

Movies and series can also help improve your writing style and create. It could help you develop your universe. Plagiarizing existing stories is of course out of the question.

Laure Giraud’s blog, “Dare to write your novel” offers you articles that can help you.

My blog, “LA PLUME DE LAURENCE” can also help you through the articles I have published for two years to overcome the fear of writing and encourage you to start writing.

Mistakes not to make

The first mistake to avoid is to rush headlong into the first idea. Writing a novel is like running a marathon. If you go like an arrow, you won’t finish your run!

You write for yourself, but also for your readers. You have to interest them and bring them into your universe. To do this, inspiration needs a process and a framing. Unfortunately, very few writers share their writing secrets. From time to time, I share with you certain secrets of some authors. You will find them on the blog!

Stephen King shared some of his secrets in his book, “Memories of a Trade”:

The way of writing is difficult to explain and teach because it is very personal. A writer should make his readers want to turn the pages, page after page. Douglas Kennedy calls this action “turnover”. Style can be learned.

How do you learn the mechanics of a car? By putting his hands in the engine. They come out full of fat. This is called learning!

Why do we write?

We write because it is first and foremost a pleasure. We write because we want to offer readers a journey. We also Wikipedia writing service to be understood by readers. We write to stand out!

We write because we are different. We write, because when we write we forget everything. It is an extraordinary moment, like no other.

What’s a good story?

A good story already starts with the way you think about the plot. Then you have to think about the structure. The structure of a novel is also adaptable to the story. The structure corresponds to the characters, their psychology, and your vision as an author.

To write a good novel, you need good ingredients:

  • a vision
  • your own style
  • tone
  • themes
  • an atmosphere
  • a very precise point of view
  • a worked psychology of the characters
  • Rhythm (especially in our time!)
  • suspense
  • dialogues
  • Good punctuation.

Apprentice writers often confuse style and tone. Style comes down to how you express your vision. The tone is what the author conveys. It is directly related to his vision. For example, he can use mockery, disillusionment, insolence, disrespect, etc.

The style and tone must be in harmony and coherence with the characters and the social environment chosen by the author. However, each author should keep a very personal tone, enhancing the style and maintaining their vision.

Obviously, in any good, self-respecting novel, style follows the tone. If the author adopts a personal tone, the style will flow naturally. All the ingredients are important.

Every author must ask himself the right questions and answer them to write a good novel.

How to find your motivation?

It is difficult to write at first. This is the reason why I always advise never to start with a novel. You must first practice other exercises. I have written quite a few articles on this topic. I invite you to read them or reread them on the blog.

I also published my guide “111 WRITING GAMES” for free on this blog. You can download it as you like. In this regard, I am also preparing a book of 299 tips for writing better and for getting down to writing. It will be available for sale soon.

Writing is fun, and should remain so. Every aspiring writer must feel in her or him the desire to write. It is not a question of will. I recommend writing a little every day, to get organized.

Douglas Kennedy writes 1000 words every day, regardless of the situation or condition of the day.

By writing regularly, inspiration becomes a mental habit. The ideal would be to write 400 words per day, which is 12,000 words per month. Or 72,000 words in 6 months. Which corresponds to a 200-page novel!

To succeed in writing, stop judging yourself, and I advise you to avoid talking about it to those around you. Be terse about your writing work.

How to find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. Take the time to observe the world around you. Treat yourself to relaxing beaches. Let your universe express itself within you.

Take the time to reread your favorite authors. Take a walk in nature, clear your mind: this is very important! Watch documentaries on travel and animals.

A good story is made up of the right ingredients, the right questions, and the right amount of motivation.

Writing fills life

Writing can save a life. I have already published an article on this topic. To keep my inspiration healthy, I quit watching TV. I choose sparingly the few shows that I decide to watch in replay.

As soon as you watch a movie or read a novel, get in the habit of methodically analyzing the construction of each. It is a mine of lessons.

I could also advise you to set the bar high enough in your writing act. Mediocrity cannot be part of your panoply! And above all, do not fear your creativity! It’s great to be creative! Make the most of it!

Any passionate creative can succeed in his work. Not all writers are geniuses! The writer is a craftsman of words. Of course, you have a job to do around words and vocabulary.

It is not enough to have a good story to write a good novel. A story can be great, but poorly told, in which case the novel will go down as a flop.

When writing your novel, it is also important to choose the genre in which you want to be good. So understanding how a genre works is essential. I wrote an article about this a few weeks ago.

I can only advise you, especially at the beginning, to write in the genre you like. You can invent anything and allow yourself anything, as long as you stick to the codes of each genre.

As a conclusion

Writing a novel is a very enriching experience. Imagining is the most beautiful of occupations. The setting of a novel must go beyond the particular framework in which the characters evolve. To write a novel, the author must imagine a whole universe.

The chosen decor will determine the mood and tone of the novel. It will also affect the issues that your characters will encounter. Ask yourself and answer questions to clarify your ideas and set the scene.

Writing a novel is the most beautiful of adventures. But, like every adventure, it is prepared meticulously!

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