Tuition refund with money without grade scholarship?”College students

In the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), a growing number of universities returning part of their tuition fees to students in colleges where most of the first semester classes were conducted online are increasing. There is growing concern over whether the grade scholarship will be abolished in order to prepare it.

According to the university district on the 25th, Dankook University and Myongji University, which previously announced a partial refund policy, announced their position that they would include the budget without grade scholarships in the tuition refund fund. to be.

On the 22nd, a post was posted on Soongsil University’s online community Every Time’, saying, “What happened when I was discussing the refund of 10% of tuition after removing the grade scholarship?”

According to Soongsil University students, rumors have circulated between students over the past week that “Scholarships will be abolished.”In previous years, the candidates for grade scholarship should be covered at the current time when grades for the first semester are entered, but when students inquire at the department office, the answer is that “there may not be the grade scholarship.”

Students are concerned that some universities have announced that they will remove scholarships for excellent grades instead of providing special scholarships in the form of refunding tuition to all students. “Isn’t our university considering tuition refunds the same plan?”

Universities that abolished the scholarship for the first semester are in a position that it was difficult to select the scholarship recipients due to the absolute evaluation based on online classes.

An official at Soongsil University said, “It has not been decided yet,” and “I am deeply thinking about how to finance the return of tuition fees.”

Oh Jong-un, president of Soongsil University’s student council, said, “To compensate for tuition while removing the grade scholarship is like putting the money deducted from the left pocket of the students into the right pocket.” We are discussing it with him.”

Similar concerns arise at other universities. In every time’ of Chung-Ang University, a number of articles stating, “Is there no scholarship for grades at this time?” are scrambling among students.

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KAIST’s problem (not the professor’s perspective)

He is familiar with science high school and KAIST. I think the questioner’s acquaintance is well aware of the overall situation.

Until now, KAIST’s student supply and demand have been based on science high school in the case of undergraduate schools, and KAIST allocates a certain level of T/O to each science high school so that each science high school is stably admitting students to KAIST through special admission. Many excellent science high school students go on to KAIST, but students who can’t go to general college for SAT and essay are put in the T/O assigned by KAIST and sent to KAIST. As many of you know, these days science high school is not the old science high school, and there are many children who have gone by parental polarity prepared with tutor/academy, so it is true that many smart kids like the past have disappeared.

Among KAIST undergraduates, smart kids go to the U.S. early or study for a Ph.D. So, outside universities recruit a lot of students. Many students go to KAIST because of the murderous tuition fees of other universities, but as an acquaintance of the questioner said, there are many students who are less than our students, and internally, it is difficult to harmonize with KAIST undergraduates.

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